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AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. has been providing logistics solutions for over 15 years. Specializing in ocean and air export, we have grown into a boutique logistics provider for young entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the manufacturing industry. Today, our services cover air, sea and land freight from countries in North, Central, and South America to countries worldwide.

The infrastructure that we have created allows us to execute high complexity projects with efficiency and cost consciousness.

We have earned the trust and respect of our partners and clients, because we understand our responsibility to provide transparent and quality service. Contact us today, we are always happy to discuss new business opportunities.


Air Freight


When fast and prompt delivery is needed, air transportation is the optimal solution.

We will find the most effective solution and we will combine the appropriate air routes so that fast and secure delivery of your cargo is ensured.

Air Services

  • Consolidation
  • Border Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Worldwide Tracking

Track your shipment

Air Cargo Tracking
Ocean Cargo Tracking
Track via Š¢rack-trace

Ocean Freight


Ocean freight delivery is a significant part of trade among countries throughout the world. AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. is your vital link to this trade. We will handle your shipment with ocean liner facilities from any point in the globe.

AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. will assist you from point of origin to the point of final destination. At your request, we can also insure your cargo at competitive rates.

Ocean Services

Types of cargo

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL)
  • RO-RO
  • Breakbulk
  • Overweight and Oversized Cargo
  • Multi-Modal Shipping
  • Refrigerated Cargo
  • Liquid and Bulk Cargo
  • Cargo Required Use of Special Equipment

Land Freight


One of the most affordable and optimal ways of delivering cargo by land is via freight trucks.

AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. will develop a point-to-point route and organize the delivery of your cargo in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Land Services

  • Border Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Worldwide Tracking and tracing capabilities

Your cargo, no matter the scale or complexity, will be shipped and delivered in accordance with your delivery schedule.

Types of cargo

  • Groupage Cargo and Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Less than a Truck Load (LTL)
  • Flatbed
  • B-train
  • Overweight and Oversized Cargo

Goods Transported


AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. is ready to provide a full range of logistics services for any type of cargo. We would be glad to provide you with information on the appropriate packaging and means of transportation.

AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. has experience with and is ready to offer solutions for the transportation of the following goods:

Types of Cargo

  • General Cargo
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Groupage Cargo (LCL)
  • Refrigerated Cargo
  • Overweight and Oversized Cargo
  • Dangerous Cargo

Throughout more than 12 years since our company was founded, we have gained a vast experience and are ready to offer working solutions for the transportation of such goods as:

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Crops
  • Metals and Timber
  • Construction Machinery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Equipment
  • Food
  • Various Chemicals

General cargo

General Cargo can be shipped by any means of transport, so you have the opportunity to reduce your transportation expenses.

AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. has experience with and is ready to offer solutions for the transportation of the following goods:

  • Metal Products (rolled, plate metal; metal in ingots and stacks; wire, bars, blanks, tubes, band metal in coils, scrap metal etc.)
  • Vehicles (crawler-mounted and wheel-mounted)
  • Concrete products and frames (beams, ties, pillars, slabs, panels, tubes, rings etc.)
  • Containerized (large, medium, small size containers, special ones etc.)
  • Unitized (palletized, non-palletized, bundled, wrapped etc.)
  • Packed piece goods (in boxes made of various materials and of various sizes)
  • Drummed (barrels, drums of various designs with various types of cargo, baskets)
  • Oversized and Overweight
  • Timber (round wood, board lumber, plywood, wood boards)

Besides transportation services, AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. offers a variety of other unique logistical services depending on the specifications of each project.

Full Load Cargo

Full Load Cargo is a transportation option that implies that the whole container or truck capacity will be used in transporting the good.

Groupage Cargo

This option of delivery allows transporting several shipments, given by different companies and destined for different receivers, by one transport. This way we achieve a profitable price of transportation for every cargo.

Overweight and Oversized Cargo

Overweight/Oversized cargo exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway or other transport infrastructure, such as air freight or water freight. Overweight and Oversized Cargo includes:

  • Boats and Yachts
  • Gas Turbines
  • Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Various Factory Equipment

Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous goods are solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. They are often subject to chemical regulations.

Dangerous goods include materials that are:

  • Radioactive
  • Flammable
  • Explosive
  • Corrosive
  • Oxidizing
  • Asphyxiating
  • Biohazardous
  • Toxic
  • Pathogenic or allergenic

Also included are physical conditions such as compressed gases and liquids or hot materials, including all goods containing such materials or chemicals, or may have other characteristics that render them hazardous in specific circumstances.

Refrigerated Cargo

Refrigerated Cargo includes commodities, which require temperature-controlled transportation, such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other foods categories of cargo:

  • Meat, tinned meat and meat products
  • Milk products
  • Chocolate and pastry
  • Juices, alcohol and soft drinks
  • Fish and seafood
  • Vegetables, fruits and mushrooms
  • Plants and flowers

Logistical Services


Besides transportation services, AirTrans Forwarding Ltd. offers a variety of other unique logistical services depending on the specifications of each project.

Offered services include:

  • Border Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Consulting


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